***Please note the following classes are taught via Zoom and a front-facing video camera is required to receive credit.

Continuing Education credit is $10.00 per credit hour***


Texas Realtor CE Legal Courses

1031 Exchanges – By the Rules | 1 credit hour | #37769
Understanding the exchange process will help you understand what your customer is looking for in an exchange property.

A Dozen Common TREC Contract Problems | 1 credit hour | #36536
Learn to avoid, prevent and solve common problems when they arise to keep your clients happy and close on time. *This course counts towards the required contract CE hours needed for license renewal beginning 2/1/2021.

Addendums to the TREC Contract: In-Depth | 1 credit hour | #36915
An in-depth view of the various sections of the current TREC promulgated contract addendums. *This course counts towards the required contract CE hours needed for license renewal beginning 2/1/2021.

Basic Bankruptcy for Realtors | 1 credit hour | #36888
Bankruptcy may affect your closing, but it doesn’t have to stop your sale! Learn the bankruptcy process and the title steps to close.

Closing the Foreign Seller | 1 credit hour | #35858
Learn the current FIRPTA laws to help navigate a closing when a foreign person is involved in the transaction.

Completing the TREC 1-4 Family Residential Resale Contract | 2 credit hours | #36887
This 2-hour course delves into the entire process of filling out a contract, staying on track and keeping the parties informed. *This course counts towards the required contract CE hours needed for license renewal beginning 2/1/2021.

Completing the TREC Farm and Ranch Contract | 2 credit hours | #39862
This 2-hour course will focus on the completion of the TREC Farm and Ranch Contract by discussing the nature of farm and ranch properties, survey issues, easements and access issues, taxes, minerals, title insurance coverages and so much more! *This course counts towards the required contract CE hours needed for license renewal beginning 2/1/2021.

Death, Guardianships, and Real Estate | 1 credit hour | #36911
Learn how the ownership of property is affected by death and guardianship.

Deeds | 1 credit hour | #35859
Learn about the different types of deeds and how you use them to pass title in Texas.

Endorsements to Title Policies for Commercial Transactions | 1 credit hour | #36884
Learn what title insurance policy endorsements are available to your clients for commercial property and the cost associated with each endorsement.

Fair Housing: A Discussion with Real Estate Professionals | 1 credit hour | #37066
This course provides real estate professionals with an in-depth discussion of the Fair Housing laws, including federal and state laws (TX Property Code & TX Administrative Code), local city ordinances and Article 10 of the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics. The discussion will highlight practical scenarios relating to conversations with potential sellers and buyers and advertisements for rentals and listings.

Foreclosures and REO Sales | 1 credit hour | #35856
Foreclosures and REO properties have different title requirements. Learn what your title company and lender need to close on time.

Heirship Affidavits vs. Probating Wills | 1 credit hour | #37999
Compare the risks and benefits of heirship affidavits and probating wills when someone in title has died.

Legal Update I | 4 credit hours | #37796
Covers law, statutes and rules updates; property management; buyers, landlords, tenants and sellers; contracts and forms; and the unauthorized practice of law. Exam score does not affect credit.

Legal Update II | 4 credit hours | #37797
Covers ethics requirements, Fair Housing laws, agency laws, Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA), tax laws and other hot topics including unlicensed assistants. Exam score does not affect credit.

Loan Policy and Title Endorsements for Lenders | No credit available
For this lender specific course, we will discuss Loan Policy T-2 coverage and the role of lender title endorsements and how they can give lenders added coverage to their loan policy.

Marital Property Rights | 1 credit hour | #36535
Learn when a spouse is required to sign closing documents and how to sell a property after divorce.

New & Notable TREC Form Changes | 1 credit hour | #38707
This course covers the recent TREC contract and addenda changes that affect you and your clients. *This course counts towards the required contract CE hours needed for license renewal beginning 2/1/2021.

Oil and Gas: What the Texas Realtor Needs to Know | 1 credit hour | #36885
Oil and gas is a large industry in Texas! Learn the common terms and get familiar with the title processes so that your clients get a smooth closing.

Power of Attorney – 2017 Amended Statutory Form | 1 credit hour | #37997
Learn about the changes to the Texas Power of Attorney and how these changes may affect your clients.

Surveys: More Than a Picture | 1 credit hour | #39295
Should your clients use the old survey? What does the Area & Boundary deletion actually do? Learn the answers to these questions and so much more!

TAR Commercial Contracts: In-Depth Analysis | 2 credit hours | #36886
An in-depth review of the TAR Commercial contract. Learn how to prepare commercial contracts and how to advise clients as to their obligations so the sale successfully closes. *This course counts towards the required contract CE hours needed for license renewal beginning 2/1/2021.

Texas Business Entities: Closing the Right Way | 1 credit hour | #38134
From sole proprietors to corporations, learn the rules governing business entities in Texas so you close the right way.

Title Commitments – A to D | 1 credit hour | #39437
Learn the parts of a title commitment, the nature of exceptions and how your residential transactions could be affected.

Title Insurance Commitments for Commercial Transactions | 1 credit hour | #36908
Learn the critical parts of title commitments for commercial transactions to ensure you and your clients meet the deadlines for a successful closing.

Title Policies for Commercial Transactions | 1 credit hour | #36916
Learn what title insurance policies cover as well as alternatives to these policies and their costs.

Transfer on Death vs. Life Estate Deeds | 1 credit hour | #36537
Texas now has a Transfer on Death deed. Learn more about it and how it compares to Life Estate Deeds for your clients and your closings.

Trusts | 1 credit hour | #36883
Learn more about trusts including who can sell, how property transfers into or out of a trust and the common terms.

Unique Utilities for Realtors | 1 credit hour | #40191
Things You Should Know About MUD’s, SUD’s, PID’s and Others
When buying or selling real property outside of urban cores, Texas has a dizzying array of entities that may provide utility services. In this class, Realtors will learn the different types of utility entities, which ones serve a particular property, the requirements and disclosures of selling property in certain utility entity jurisdictions and so much more!

What Is Title Insurance? | 1 credit hour | #36533
What is the role of the title agent in your transaction and what does a title policy insure?


Texas Realtor CE Marketing Courses


Closed the Deal: Now What? | 1 credit hour | #36896
Studies have shown that many buyers and sellers would use their Realtor again and/or recommend their Realtor to
others; but when the time comes, very few actually do. Why? The client/Realtor relationship slowly faded over the years due to lack of follow up. In this class, we will teach Realtors how to effectively maintain client relationships after the transaction closes to ensure repeat business and future referrals.

Create, Post, Engage! – Getting the Most out of Social Media | 1 credit hour | #39434
The goal of social media is to build relationships with friends, family and customers; but with ever changing algorithms and constant platform updates, it’s easy to get behind the curve and feel overwhelmed. In this class, we will discuss the overall goal of social media, explain newsfeed algorithms and ranking signals, share content ideas that will result in a
higher Reach, discuss the best times to post, and end with things to avoid.

Create with Canva | 1 credit hour | #37068
Canva is a graphic design program that allows users to create beautiful designs in a matter of minutes! Grab your
laptop and join us for an introductory workshop where you will learn step-by-step how to create captivating social
media posts, real estate flyers, newsletters and so much more.

Creating a Strong Online Presence | 1 credit hour | #37389
The key to a successful real estate business is having a strong online presence. In this class, we will give you tips on
how to effectively create a trusted online presence through websites, Google My Business, social media, online reviews and so much more.

Don’t Hesitate – Lead Generate! | 2 credit hours | #36224
Lead generation is a hot topic among all new and seasoned real estate professionals, but are you generating and
converting leads the best way possible? In this 2-hour class, we will discuss how to get leads using different online
avenues such as blogging, social media and Facebook advertising. Lastly, we will discuss how to convert those leads into customers with many different follow up tools and scripts that will help you close the sale.

Elevator Speech: 8 Seconds to a First Impression | 1 credit hour | #39293
Learn tips for creating the best first impression when marketing your business to new customers and coworkers.

Facebook Marketing – Content Strategy and Page Exposure | 1 credit hour | #35854
Facebook is the number one social media platform in the world, but are you using it properly for your business? In this
class, we will discuss the best ways to utilize Facebook to connect and engage with your audience.

Facebook 101 Workshop – Setting up for Success | 1 credit hour | #35853
Do you need to build a professional Facebook presence but don’t know where to get started? In this beginner class, we
will discuss the importance of Facebook and the differences between a personal profile and a business page. Next, we will walk through detailed steps on how to create a Facebook business page. Lastly, we will teach you how to effectively post and utilize your page every day.

Hashtag Strategy for Social Media | 1 credit hour | #38000
Hashtags have grown into a social media necessity that can boost your post engagement tremendously, but are you
using them correctly? In this class, you will understand the importance of hashtags, the proper way to use them for
your brand, where to place hashtags and how many you need to use on each social media platform.

Instagram Marketing: Concepts to Increase Exposure | 1 credit hour | #39435
Want to take Instagram to the next level? In this class, we will discuss the advantages of a business profile, content to
post, the importance of hashtags and captions, and end with tips and tricks that will help increase followers and post engagement.

Instagram Stories: How to Use Them to Build Your Brand | 1 credit hour | #38130
A great way to increase engagement with your followers is through Instagram Stories; but do you know what they are
or how they work? In this class, we will create an Instagram Story from start to finish, demonstrate how to share a post
in a Story, how to save a Story to a Highlight and so much more!

LinkedIn – Really Connect! | 1 credit hour | #37998
LinkedIn is the largest professional social media site that can put you in front of many potential customers! In this class,
we will highlight the important parts of a LinkedIn profile and give you tips that will help increase engagement with your connections.

Mobile Apps for Real Estate – Elevate Your Business | 1 credit hour | #35857
There’s an app for everything! In this class, we list over 40 of the top trending apps that will help boost productivity, improve organization, save time and so much more!

Planning for Real Estate Success | 1 credit hour | PND
Studies show that you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams simply by writing them down on a
regular basis. In this 2-hour workshop, we will set business goals by using an interactive calculator, develop a business
plan that is geared towards your goals, write an elevator speech that can be used for one-on-one appointments and end with ways to stay in touch with past clients.

Selling Across the Generations | 1 credit hour | #38708
Effective communication is key when working with customers and industry partners, so it’s important to understand how each generation prefers to communicate and do business. In this class, you will learn how to effectively market, sell and communicate across all the generations.

Selling Safely | 1 credit hour | #35855
Learn simple steps to avoid potentially dangerous situations and help keep you and your client’s property safe.

Smooth Sailing for a Smooth Closing | 1 credit hour | #39364
Set sail for a smooth closing by understanding the title examination process. This class is designed to give a basic
overview of the title commitment, common issues that may arise and ways that you can help ensure a smooth transaction.

Social Media Planning to Boost Your Business | 2 credit hours | #39294
Is social media overwhelming to you? Are you stuck in a social media rut and need a plan? In this 2-hour class, we will walk through the major social media platforms in detail, give ideas on what to post on each platform, develop a
social media plan that works for your business and end with tips and tricks that will make your social media platforms

Turn a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Into a Listing | 1 credit hour | #39365
Marketing property owners who have listed their homes FSBO provides a unique opportunity for the well-prepared
agent to gain an additional source of business. In this class, we will give you steps to take that will help connect you with the seller in hopes of turning that FSBO into a customer.

Video and You | 1 credit hour | #39280
Videos are one of the most successful and underused marketing strategies in today’s digital world. In this class, we
will give real estate agents ideas on what to record, tips on creating the perfect video and where to promote the video
to get the most views.

What’s Your Personality? | 1 credit hour | #39296
Are you a dolphin, panther, peacock or owl? Learn more about your work personality and how to interact with people who are not like-minded.

Wire Fraud and Cyber Crime | 1 credit hour | #37391
This course discusses tactics used by hackers to steal funds from real estate transactions and provides tips for better
protecting buyers, sellers and real estate agents against cyber crime.

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